Australian Perth Mission


In 1999, The LDS Australia Perth Mission produced a CD, which became popular and sought after around the world, as copies were being made and sent to families and friends all over the world, duplication after duplication, making it the most popular mission-produced CD.

About the Composer

Elder William Joseph Schwartz III composed the CD while serving under President & Sister Robinson in the Australia Perth Mission. He is now well established in his professional career, and is under 143 Reprise Records. He is now going by the name William Joseph. You can follow William by subscribing to one of his social media pages:

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William Joseph


01. Mission Anthem (3:37) - vocals: Elders Edwards, Schwartz, Vusoniceva, Hyvattinen, Opapo, Butterfield, and Luano
02. Together Forever Medley (2:32) - arranged and performed by Elder William Schwartz.
03. Mercy's Arms (4:14) - vocals: Melle
04. My Lord My God (4:28) - music composed by Elder Schwartz, lyrics: Elder Scott Hancock, vocals: Elder Scott Hancock and Leanne Hussey.
05. The Gift Of Life (3:22) - music: W. Herbert Klopfer, choir directed by Sonja Plummer
06. Face To Face (5:18)- vocals: Sonja Bedridge and Ady Grader, accompanied by Sam McSweeney
07. Going Away (3:41) - composed by Elder Schwartz, performed in memory of Elder Milevski
08. Carry Me (5:25) - music composed by Elder Schwartz, lyrics composed by Melle, vocals: Melle and Elder Vusoniceva
09. Called To Serve Medley (4:21) - arranged by Elder Schwartz
10. All My Days (4:12) - vocals: Sister Nieuwenhuizen
11. Keeper Of The Flame (2:29) - vocals: Melle
12. The Road To Where He Is (4:25) - music, lyrics and performance by Elders Schwartz, Hyvattinen, Pu'a, Rode-Bramanis, and Vusoniceva
13. Come My Way (4:16) - vocals: Ady Grader
14. If You Could Hie To Kolob (6:32) - vocals: Elders Schwartz and Vusoniceva, Sisters Birtwell, Nieuwenhuizen, and Henderson
15. Everybody Be A Missionary (3:41) - music & vocals: Elder Schwartz, Vusoniceva, Nuku, and Webster

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